Tuesday 26 October 2010


This is my wilmslow grandson Louis! It is a day for grandsons! I am so lucky I have three of them. hi Lotte is it great to see Louis on my blog!!! Over and out!

At least it's not raining in cyberspace!! Is it??

Hello world this is my very first blog.  I have been outside today with my 3 year old grandson, Dylan and his friend, Leila, walking up green hills and standing in playgrounds, being encouraging, despite rain and wind whipping through our coats, and chilling our cheeks.  The children totally oblivious of weather conditions, which just made life more exciting, all that slipping and sliding!!  We spent a couple of hours outside until we took refuge in a MacDonalds which was the only inside space we could have some refreshment and go to the loo.  What a paradise of marketing it was!!  Balloons everywhere, free gifts with food box covered with pictures of cartoon animals, fish fingers actually quite good.  It was warm and dry!  We walked back to car half mile or so, rain having settled in to stay.  We got soaked!!

Now I am home having a cup of tea and writing this blog and it certainly a dry activity.  My cheeks are still tingling from the fresh air. It makes me feel very English.  Bringing back memories of autumn and winter days spent outside and how good it feels to be warm and dry, with tea and crumpets.  How corny can you get!! But true!
 I think this blog is attached to my website, which only went into cyberspace last week.  We have a few hiccups... the website was made on a Mac computer and we understand that people with PCs have had problems with the pages and images.  This is being dealt with.  We also have more images to unload a small alterations to make but it is up and running which is the important thing, thanks to my dear friend Tor. Hoorah!!!

Signing off... over and out Elona